Opțiuni strategice pentru dezvoltarea politicii forestiere

Strategic options for forest policy development

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The central public authority representative of forestry invites all the stakeholders of the field of forestry to take part in a structured dialogue with the goal of underpinning strategic options for developing the forestry policy. The process implies applying a well-known method: that of consulting the stakeholders by forming focus groups on a voluntary basis, which address different topics.

In order to organise and moderate a structured dialogue, the central public authority requested and received support from two competent faculties of Romania: The Forestry Faculty of the Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava and The Faculty of Forestry and Forest Engineering of the Transilvania University of Brașov.

The main objective of this endeavor is to issue a document that includes the options of the stakeholders regarding the public policy that should be applied by the central public authority in the future.

The central public authority expresses confidence in mobilizing the stakeholders into participating actively and constructively in this process.

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